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As You Like It by William Shakespeare

The Mock Marriage of Orlando and Rosalind by Walter Howell Deverell, public domain image

Summary: One of Shakespeare’s most popular plays, As You Like It is a pastoral comedy of mistaken identity, wit, and love. Daughter of a banished duke and forced to flee the court, Rosalind hides in the Forest of Arden disguised as a man. When her true love Orlando also shows up in the forest, she courts him without revealing her identity. Meanwhile, Phebe mistakenly falls in love with her disguise, Silvius pines for Phebe, Jacques philosophizes, and Touchstone makes fun of it all, and love and happiness triumph (for the most part) as Rosalind orchestrates a happy ending amid the confusion. (Summary by Rosalind Wills for Librivox)

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Total running time:  2 hours, 24 minutes

Rosalind by Robert Walker Macbeth, public domain image

Dramatis Personae

Act 1

Act 2

Rosalind and Celia by Hugh Thomson, public domain image

Act 3

Act 4

Act 5

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