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The Iliad for Boys and Girls by Alfred J. Church


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Of How the War with Troy Began

The Quarrel

What Thetis Did for Her Son

The Duel of Paris and Menelaus

Aphrodite turns Paris against Menelaos by Cornelius
How the Oath Was Broken

The Great Deeds of Diomed

Concerning Other Valiant Deeds

Of Glaucus and Diomed

Hector and Andromache

How Hector and Ajax Fought

The Battle on the Plain

The Repentance of Agamemnon

Agamemnon rises against Achilles and Menelaus
The Embassy to Achilles

The Story of Old Phoenix

The Adventure of Diomed and Ulysses

The Wounding of the Chiefs

The Battle at the Wall

The Battle at the Ships

The Deeds and Death of Patroclus
Achilles  lira-di-achille-1819-di-jacques-louis-david
The Rousing of Achilles

The Making of the Arms

The Quarrel Ended

The Battle at the River


The Slaying of Hector

The Ransoming of Hector & The End of Troy

Posted in Ancients and Ancients Literature and Challenge IV and Classical Conversations and Greece 9 years, 6 months ago at 6:41 pm.

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  1. Carmen Gillett Sep 21st 2014

    This really helped my 9th grade daughter, as she has to basically summarize every chapter in the book. We listened to this, then were able to write the keypoints. Thanks!

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