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The Story of the Middle Ages by Samuel Harding

Charlemagne et Louis le Pieux

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Ancient German Family


Chapter 1, The Ancient Germans

Chapter 2, Breaking the Frontier

Chapter 3, The Wanderings of the West-Goths

Chapter 4, End of the Western Empire

St. Kevin's Church, image released to public domain by copyright holder Warrenfisch

Chapter 5, Growth of the Christian Church

chapter 6, Rise of the Franks

chapter 7, Franks and Mohammedans

chapter 8, Charlemagne

chapter 9, Growth of Feudalism

chapter 10,The Deeds of the Northmen

Baldin of Boulogne entering Edessa

Chapter 11, The First Crusade

chapter 12, Later Crusades

Somosko Hungary, image by Uzo 19, licensed under GNU Free Documentation license

chapter 13, Life of the Castle

chapter 14, Life of the Village and Town

chapter 15, Life of the Monastery

chapter 16, Papacy and Town

Battle of Crecy Hundred Years War

chapter 17, The Hundred Years’ War

chapter 18, End of the Middle Ages


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  1. Very nice! I find it’s “touch and go” with librivox, and enough bad readers is what made me start investing in “real” audio books, but you are right… she’s a good reader! I think I’ll download these to use when we are doing the middle ages this autumn. Thanks!!!

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