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Hurlbut’s Story of the Bible volume 1

Paradise by Jan Bruegel

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00 – Introduction

01 – The Story of a Beautiful Garden

02 – The First Baby in the World and His Brother

03 – The Great Ship that Saved Eight People


04 – The Tower That Never Was Finished

05 – The Story of a Long Journey

06 – How Abram’s Choice Brought Blessing

07 – The Angel by the Well

08 – The Rain of Fire That Fell on a City


09 – The Boy Who Became an Archer

10 – How an Angel’s Voice Saved a Boy’s Life

11 – The Story of a Journey after a Wife

12 – How Jacob Stole His Brother’s Blessing

13 – Jacob’s Wonderful Dream

14 – A Midnight Wrestling Match

Jacob wrestling with the angel by-Rembrandt_Harmensz._van_Rijn_063

15- The Rich Man’s Son Who Was Sold as a Slave

16 – From the Prison to the Palace

17 – How Joseph’s Dream Came True

18 – A Lost Brother Found

19 – From the Land of Famine to the Land of Plenty

20 – The Beautiful Baby Who Was Found in a River

21 – The Voice from the Burning Bush

22 – The River That Ran Blood

23 – The Night When a Nation Was Born

24 – How the Sea Became Dry Land, and the Sky Rained Bread

25 – The Mountain That Smoked and Words That Were Spoke


26 – How Aaron Made a Golden Calf and What Became of It

27 – The Tent Where God Lived Among His People

28 – How They Worshipped God in the Tabernacle

29 – What Strong Drink Brought to Aaron’s Sons

30 – The Scapegoat in the Wilderness

31 – The Cluster of Grapes From the Land of Canaan

32 – How the Long Journey of the Israelites Came to an End

33 – What a Wise Man Learned from an Ass

34 – How Moses Looked upon the Promised Land

35 – The Story of Job

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