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The Fairyland of Science by Arabella Buckley

flowers released to public domain by author  Neelix

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Running time: 6 hours, 56 minutes

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flowers 2 released to public domain by author Neelix

Note: I have not previewed this book for evolutionary content.  Glancing through, I did see one reference to “millions of years” in chapter one. If this is a concern for you, please click “read this book yourself” to peruse its contents. This book does appear on some popular booklists, such as Ambleside Online.

Summary: I have promised to introduce you today to the fairy-land of science; a somewhat bold promise, seeing that most of you probably look upon science as a bundle of dry facts, while fairy-land is all that is beautiful, and full of poetry and imagination. But I thoroughly believe myself, and hope to prove to you, that science is full of beautiful pictures, of real poetry, and of wonder-working fairies.

(From the Introduction to The Fairyland of Science)

Redwood sunlight, with fog and sun rays, in Redwood National Park.  This image is in the public domain, as it is a work of a National Park Service employee.

Lecture One: The Fairyland of Science: How to Enter it, How to Use it, and How to Enjoy it

Lecture Two: Sunbeams and the Work They Do

Lecture Three: The Aerial Ocean in Which We Live

FLS Drop of Water falling from a piece of ice, photo released to public domain by its creator Jonas Bergsten

Lecture Four: A Drop of Water on its Travels

Lecture Five: The Two Great Sculptors: Water and Ice

Lecture Six: The Voices of Nature and How We Hear Them

Primrose, Primula sinensis, a hand colored engraving from John Lindley's Collectanea botanica (1821), a plant both named and drawn by Lindley

Lecture Seven: The Life of a Primrose

Lecture Eight: The History of a Piece of Coal

FLS Coal, this image is a work of the Minerals of the World project, and is in the public domain

Lecture Nine: Bees in the Hive

Lecture Ten: Bees and Flowers

FLS  Bee Sucking Nectar, photo released to public domain by its author and copyright holder, Jon Sullivan


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