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Stories of Beowulf Told to the Children by H. E. Marshall

Crazywell Cross

This version of Beowulf, adapted for children, may be a good introduction for older students before reading the unabridged work.

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Total running time: 1 hour, 56 minutes

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Preface: About this book

Chapter 1, How Grendel the Ogre Warred with the Dane Folk

Chapter 2, How Beowulf the Goth came to Daneland

Chapter 3, Beowulf Telleth How He Warred with the Sea Folk

Chapter 4, How Beowulf Overcame Grendel the Ogre

Chapter 5, How the Water Witch Warred with the Dane Folk

Chapter 6, How Beowulf Overcame the Water Witch

Chapter 7, How Beowulf Returned to his Own Land

Beowulf Wealhtheow

Chapter 8, How the Fire Dragon warred with the Goth Folk

Chapter 9, How Beowulf Overcame the Dragon

Chapter 10, Beowulf’s Last Rest

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