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Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare for Children by Edith Nesbit

Titania by Henry Meynell Rheam

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Shakespeare Émile_Bayard_-_As_you_like_it

Preface and a Brief Life of Shakespeare

Chapter 1 A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Chapter 2 The Tempest

Chapter 3 As you Like it

Chapter 4 The Winter’s Tale

Chapter 5 King Lear

Cordelia by William Frederick Yeames

Chapter 6 Twelfth Night

Chapter 7 Much Ado about Nothing

Chapter 8 Romeo and Juliet

Juliet by Philip_H._Calderon

Chapter 9 Pericles

Chapter 10 Hamlet

Chapter 11 Cymbeline

Chapter 12 Macbeth

"Macbeth seeing the ghost of Banquo" by Théodore Chassériau

Chapter 13 Comedy of Errors

Chapter 14 Merchant of Venice

Chapter 15 Timon of Athens

Shakespeare Death_of_Desdemona Othello

Chapter 16 Othello

Chapter 17 The Taming of the Shrew

William Hunt's Claudio and Isabella from Shakespeare's Measure for Measure

Chapter 18 Measure for Measure

Chapter 19 Two Gentlemen of Verona

Chapter 20 All’s Well that Ends Well


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