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Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter

Lady at the Tea Table by Mary Cassat

Lady at the Tea Table by Mary Cassatt

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Total running time: 6 hours, 55 minutes

Renoir Girl with Flowers

Chapter 1  Miss Polly

Chapter 2  The Coming of Tom and Nancy

Chapter 3  The Coming of Pollyanna

PA Balkonzimmer by Adolph von Menzel, The work of art depicted in this image and the reproduction thereof are in the public domain worldwide. The reproduction is part of a collection of reproductions compiled by the Yorck project.  The compilation copyright is held by the Zenodot Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, and licensed under the GNU Free Documentation license.

Balcony Room by Adolph von Menzel

Chapter 4  The Little Attic Room

Chapter 5  The Game

Chapter 6  A Question of Duty

Chapter 7  Pollyanna and Punishments

Chapter 8  Pollyanna Pays a Visit

Chapter 9  Which Tells of the Man

Chapter 10 Surprise for Mrs. Snow

Chapter 11  Introducing Jimmy

Ladies' Aid

Ladies' Aid

Chapter 12  Before the Ladies’ Aid

Chapter 13  In Pendleton Woods

Chapter 14  Just a Matter of Jelly

Chapter 15  Dr. Chilton

Red Rose

Chapter 16  A Red Rose and a Lace Shawl

Chapter 17  “Just like a book”

Chapter 18  Prisms

Chapter 19  Which is Somewhat Surprising

Chapter 20  Which is More Surprising

Chapter 21  A Question is Answered

Chapter 22  Sermons and Woodboxes

1913 automobile

1913 automobile

Chapter 23  An Accident

Chapter 24  John Pendleton

Chapter 25  A Waiting Game

Chapter 26  A Door Ajar

Chapter 27  Two Visits

Chapter 28  The Game and its Players

PA Jan Vermeer, Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window

Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window by Jan Vermeer

Chapter 29  Through an Open Window

Chapter 30  Jimmy Takes the Helm

Chapter 31  A New Uncle

Chapter 32  Which is a Letter from Pollyanna

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