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My Audio School » The Insect Folk by Margaret Warner Morley

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The Insect Folk by Margaret Warner Morley

insect, image from 4th edition of Meyers Konversationslexikon, copyright expired, book is now in the public domain,  Meyers b16 s0352a

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insect, mantis, photo released to public domain by its author Neelix, Mantodea 1

00 – A Word to the Children

insect, dragonfly 3, photo released into the public domain by its author Neelix

01 – Our Pretty Dragonflies

02 – The Fairy May Flies

03 – The Stone Fly Folk

04 – The Silver Fish

insect, Common Cockroach, Project Gutenberg eText 16410, image in the public domain

05- The Old Cockroaches

06 – Neighbor Walking Stick

insects, Mantids, Mantidae, and a Walking Stick, plate 50 volume 1 from Illustrations of Exotic entomology, public domain, DruryV1P050AA

07 – The Grasshopper Tribes

08 – The Shorthorned Grasshoppers

09 – The Longhorned Grasshoppers

10 – Pretty Katydids

11 – The Cricket-Like Grasshoppers

insect, musical cricket, from The Naturalist on the River Amazons by Henry Walter Bates, public domain

12 – The Cheery Cricket People

13 – A Large Family

14 – The Great Bug Family

15 – The Water Boatman

16 – The Funny Back-Swimmers

17 – The Giant Water Bug

18 – Little Mrs. Shore Bug

insect, water strider, Gerris marginatus at Cincinnati Zoo, photo by Ltshears, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Unported license

19 – The Airy Water Striders

20 – A Queer Fellow

21 – The Well Dressed Lace Bug

22 – A Bad Bug

23 – The Troublesome Red Bug

24 – The Ravenous Chinch Bugs

25 – The Well Protected Stink Bug

26 – The Louse

27 – Bird Lice and Book Lice

insect, Cicada,  Illinois summer of 2007, photo by Nickaleck, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5 license

28 – Friend Cicada

29 – The Odd Spittle Insect

30 – Pretty Leaf Hoppers

31 – The Comical Tree Hoppers

32 – The Jumping Plant Lice

insect, aphids fight, image by Richard Bartz, aka Makro Freak, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5 license, Aphidoidea fight

33 – The Aphids

34 – Scale Bugs

35 – The Horned Corydalus

36 – Fairy Lacewing

37 – The Ant Lion

38 – The Little Caddice Flies

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