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Ancient and Medieval Church History

Hus, detail, image released to public domain by its author, Taborak

Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri, has made several classes available for free online through their Worldwide Classroom.

Although Ancient and Medieval Church History is a college-level course, I believe it would be appropriate for a high school student studying this topic.

In order to listen to these free classes, you’ll need to register with Worldwide Classroom. After registering, you’ll be able to listen to all of these sessions on Mp3, as well as download written transcripts and study guides for each lecture.

Click here to learn more about this course or to download a syllabus.

Click here to learn more about Worldwide Classroom.

Click here for Covenant Theological Seminary’s statement of faith.

Click here to access the Free Registration page, a necessary step to listening to all that Worldwide Classroom has to offer.

Augustine and the Donatists

Here is a course description and a list of the topics covered in this course.
Course Description (taken from the Worldwide Classroom site):
A study of Christianity from the Early Church to the dawn of the Reformation, with source material readings. This course places an emphasis on the application of church history to life and ministry and helps the student to understand the development of Christian thought and the formulation of doctrine as part of God’s overall pattern of history. This course is taught by David Calhoun.

Lesson 1: The Study of Church History

Lesson 2: The Growth of the Christian Church

Lesson 3: The Persecutions

Lesson 4: The Apologists

Lesson 5: Orthodoxy and Heresy

Lesson 6: Canon, Creed, and Bishops

Lesson 7: The Early Church Fathers

Lesson 8: The People of the Early Church

Lesson 9: The Church in the Fourth Century

Lesson 10: The Beginnings of Monasticism

Lesson 11: Donatism

Lesson 12: The Council of Nicea

Lesson 13: Cappadocians and Constantinople

Lesson 14: Ambrose, Jerome, and Chrysostom

Lesson 15: Augustine’s Confessions

Lesson 16: Augustine and the Pelagian Controversy

Lesson 17: Augustine’s Theology of History

Lesson 18: The Council of Chalcedon

Lesson 19: The Early Middle Ages

Lesson 20: Medieval Missions

Lesson 21: The Christianization of Great Britain

Lesson 22: Learning and Theology

Lesson 23: Eastern Orthodoxy

Lesson 24: The Late Middle Ages

Lesson 25: Medieval Monasticism

Lesson 26: Crusades or Missions?

Lesson 27: The Waldensians

Lesson 28: Scholastic Theology

Lesson 29: Thomas Aquinas

Lesson 30: The Sacramental System

Lesson 31: Church and State

Lesson 32: Wycliffe and Hus

Lesson 33: Reform in Italy

Lesson 34: Mysticism and the Modern Devotion

Lesson 35: The Waning of the Middle Ages

Appendix A: Catholic World Missions

Appendix B: The Spread of the Western Church

Appendix C: The Spread of the Eastern Church

Appendix D: The 100 Most Important Dates in Church History

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