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Welcome to My Audio School!

My Audio School provides children with excellent audio content on a variety of school subjects in a format that they can easily use all by themselves.

Classic books, old-time radio theater, historical radio and television broadcasts, and more make My Audio School a treasure trove for educators, parents and students alike.

Each book on My Audio School is broken down, chapter by chapter, allowing children to listen to their daily assignments in manageable chunks. Links are provided for those who prefer to read the book online, or for parents who want to burn a book to CD, subscribe in iTunes or download it to an Mp3 player.

We hope you will enjoy using My Audio School!

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  1. Just to let you know I left you an award at my blog.:) As a homeschooler, your blog is such a blessing to our family.

  2. what a find! I’m so happy when my blog browsing pays off. I will be returning to homeschooling next year. I had homeschooled my daughter until this last year when she attended a private christian school. I didn’t realize I was such a diehard homeschooler. I can’t wait ’til she’s home FT.

    I will return to search your blog further 🙂

  3. Tequita Jun 6th 2011

    What a wonderful site! I liked it on Facebook too!

  4. Hello, I am visiting after reading Storybook Woods post on your site. I look forwards to reading more about you. Thanks, Gill.

  5. I really enjoyed visiting your site. I am homeschooling a true audio learner and it’s great to see resources out there for us!

  6. Georgia Jan 13th 2012

    Question I can’t find an answer to, but will admit I’m in the middle of teaching math and won’t have time to ‘research’ farther for some time, yet I’d like to have some of these stories to listen to in the car while we do school on the go.

    With a membership is it possible to download all the stories to an MP3 player?

  7. myaudioschool Jan 13th 2012

    Yes, it is. We have provided links with all our unabridged audio books so that you can download them. To download Radio Theater broadcasts and other content, right-click on the link and select “save as”. This will begin the download to your computer, and from there you can transfer your content to any mp3 player. For more detailed information, there is a section titled “downloading books” in the “pages” section of our sidebar. This page is available to members only.

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