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A Word about High School Literature

We have set a high standard when choosing books for My Audio School.  With that said, there is a wide variance in what parents choose to teach during the high school years.

High school is a time when students begin to take steps toward adulthood.  Many of the books on high school reading lists contain adult themes or adult language.

Each family will have unique parenting philosophies which will impact what books they will choose for their high school student’s education.  Factors such as age, maturity level, and sensitivity to violence or sensuality will all impact how a student will respond to a given book, and whether that book is appropriate for the student.  Some parents will take a “sheltering approach”, preferring their children wait until college or adulthood to be exposed to mature themes.  Other parents allow their children to study some difficult topics, but with lots of guidance and discussion opportunities along the way.

Every parent needs to be responsible to screen material or to rely on a trusted curriculum provider when choosing books for their children; this is of the utmost importance during the high school years.

The high school level books on My Audio School are typical of what a university-bound student should be reading.  However, some of them will be more appropriate for a 12th grader than a 9th grader.  There are some titles which it may be best to edit, omitting some chapters from a student’s assignment.

My Audio School is more like a library than a reading list.  We want to make as many titles available as possible, to accommodate the broad range of parents and students who are using this site.  Occasionally we have put a parental note beside a book which mentions possible areas of concern; do not assume, however, that the absence of a note means the entire book is appropriate.  We have not personally read every book on My Audio School.

Please consult your curriculum provider or pre-screen materials if you are concerned about their suitability for your own children.

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