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War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

Scene from War and Peace, by Leonid Pasternak

Scene from War and Peace, by Leonid Pasternak

This audio was prepared for ESL learners for educational purposes and is presented on a non-profit site for streaming only, not for download. Click on the chapter you want to listen to and the book will automatically open up so you can read along.

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selected poems by Walt Whitman

O Captain!  My Captain!


One’s Self I Sing


When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d


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The Curse of Carne’s Hold by G. A. Henty



Summary: When Ronald Mervyn from Devonshire is falsely accused of murder he emigrates to South Africa. He takes part in the Kaffir war and during this time he rescues a family from death. The family then return to England and try to establish Ronald’s innocence. (Summary by Michele Eaton for Librivox)

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Running time: 11:26

How The Curse Began

Margaret Carne

Two Quarrels

A Terrible Discovery

The Inquest

Ruth Powlett

The Verdict


The Outbreak

A Successful Defence

A Successful Defence

In The Amatolas

The Rescue

Ronald Is Offered A Commision

A Parting

Searching For A Clue

Ruth Powlett Confesses

George Forester’s Death

The Fire At Carne’s Hold

Cleared At Last

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A Yankee Girl at Fort Sumter by Alice Turner Curtis


Summary:?Sylvia Fulton is a ten-years-old girl from Boston who stayed in Charleston, South Carolina, before the opening of the civil war. She loves her new home, and her dear friends. However, political tensions are rising, and things start to change. Through these changes, Silvia gets to know the world better: from Estrella, her maid, she starts to understand what it is to be a slave, from her unjust teacher she learns that not all beautiful people are perfect, and from the messages she carries to Fort Sumter she learns what is the meaning of danger. However, this is a lovely book, written mostly for children.(Summary by Stav Nisser for Librivox).

00 – Introduction

01 – Sylvia

02 – A New Friend

03 – Sylvia in Trouble

04 – An Unexpected Journey

05 – Estralla and Elinor

06 – Sylvia at the Plantation

07 – Sylvia Sees a Ghost

08 – A Twilight Tea-Party

09 – Troublesome Words

10 – The Palmetto Flag

11 – Sylvia Carries a Message

12 – Estralla Helps

13 – A Happy Afternoon

14 – Mr. Robert Waite

15 – Where is Sylvia

16 – In Danger

17 – A Christmas Present

18 – Great News

19 – Sylvia Makes a Promise

20 – Two Little Darky Girls

21 – Fort Sumter is Fired Upon

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The Child’s Book of American Biography by Mary Stoyell Stimpson


In every country there have been certain men and women whose busy lives have made the world better or wiser. The names of such are heard so often that every child should know a few facts about them. It is hoped the very short stories told here may make boys and girls eager to learn more about these famous people. (from the Forward of the text)

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Run time: 4:43

01 – Forward and George Washington

02 – William Penn

03 – John Paul Jones

04 – John Singleton Copley

05 – Benjamin Franklin

06 – Louis Agassiz

07 – Dorothea Lynde Dix

08 – Ulysses Simpson Grant

09 – Clara Barton

10 – Abraham Lincoln

11 – Robert Edward Lee

12 – John James Audubon

13 – Robert Fulton

14 – George Peabody

15 – Daniel Webster

16 – Augustus St. Gaudens

17 – Henry David Thoreau

18 – Louisa May Alcott

19 – Samuel Finley Breese Morse

20 – William Hickling Prescott

21 – Phillips Brooks

22 – Samuel Clemens

23 – Joe Jefferson

24 – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

25 – James McNeill Whistler

26 – Ralph Waldo Emerson

27 – Jane Addams

28 – Luther Burbank

29 – Edward Alexander MacDowell

30 – Thomas Alva Edison


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Historic Adventures: Tales from American History by Rupert S. Holland


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Online text

Run time: 7:04

01 – The Lost Children

02 – The Great Journey of Lewis and Clark, part 1

03 – The Great Journey of Lewis and Clark, part 2

04 – The Conspiracy of Aaron Burr

05 – How the Young Republic Fought the Barbary Pirates, part 1

06 – How the Young Republic Fought the Barbary Pirates, part 2

07 – The Fate of Lovejoy’s Printing-Press

08 – How Marcus Whitman Saved Oregon

09 – How the Mormons Came to Settle Utah

10 – The Golden Days of ‘Forty-Nine

11 – How the United States Made Friends with Japan

12 – The Pig that Almost Caused a War

13 – John Brown at Harper’s Ferry

14 – An Arctic Explorer

15 – The Story of Alaska

16 – How the “Merrimac” Was Sunk in Santiago Harbor

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Historic Boyhoods by Rupert S. Holland



Most boys grow up to be honest, maybe even good, men, but do not stand out from the crowd. Occasionally, along comes a boy who is destined, either by character or circumstance, to make his mark on the world. In this work are included 21 biographical sketches of boys who became famous in the arts, affairs of state or exploration and discovery. Historical fact is blended with surmise and imagination to bring these boyhoods alive. – Summary by Lynne Thompson for Librivox

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Run time: 6:57

Christopher Columbus The Boy of Genoa: 1446(?)-1506

Michael Angelo The Boy of the Medici Gardens: 1475-1564

Walter Raleigh The Boy of Devon: 1552-1618

Peter the Great The Boy of the Kremlin: 1672-1725

Frederick the Great The Boy of Potsdam: 1712-1788

George Washington The Boy of the Old Dominion: 1732-1799

Daniel Boone The Boy of the Frontier: 1735-1820

John Paul Jones The Boy of the Atlantic: 1747-1792

Mozart The Boy of Salzburg: 1756-1791

Lafayette The Boy of Versailles: 1757-1834

Horatio Nelson The Boy of the Channel Fleet: 1758-1805

Robert Fulton The Boy of the Conestoga: 1765-1815

Andrew Jackson The Boy of the Carolinas: 1767-1845

Napoleon Bonaparte The Boy of Brienne: 1769-1821

Walter Scott The Boy of the Canongate: 1771-1832

James Fenimore Cooper The Boy of Otsego Hall: 1789-1851

John Ericsson The Boy of the G?ta Canal: 1803-1889

Garibaldi The Boy of the Mediterranean: 1807-1882

Abraham Lincoln The Boy of the American Wilderness: 1809-1865

Charles Dickens The Boy of the London Streets: 1812-1870

Otto von Bismarck The Boy of G?ttingen: 1815-1898

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Florence Nightingale The Angel of the Crimea by Laura E. Richards


One evening, some time after the great Crimean War of 1854-55, a company of military and naval officers met at dinner in London. They were talking over the war, as soldiers and sailors love to do, and somebody said: “Who, of all the workers in the Crimea, will be longest remembered?” Each guest was asked to give his opinion on this point, and each one wrote a name on a slip of paper. There were many slips, but when they came to be examined there was only one name, for every single man had written “Florence Nightingale.” Every English boy and girl knows the beautiful story of Miss Nightingale’s life. Indeed, hers is perhaps the best-loved name in England since good Queen Victoria died. It will be a great pleasure to me to tell this story to our own boys and girls in this country; and it shall begin, as all proper stories do, at the beginning. – Summary by the author

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Run time: 3:24

How Florence Got Her Name?Her Three Homes

Little Florence

The Squire’s Daughter

Looking Out

Waiting for the Call

The Trumpet Call

The Response


The Barrack Hospital

The Lady-in-Chief

The Lady with the Lamp


Miss Nightingale Under Fire

The Close of the War

The Tasks of Peace

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History Plays for the Grammar Grades by Mary Ella Lyng



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Online text

Run time: 1:32

Christopher Columbus

John Smith and Pocahantus

Sir Walter Raleigh

William Penn

Sir Francis Drake


George Washington and Other Heroes of the Revolution

George Rogers Clark

Andrew Jackson

John C. Fremont

Webster, Clay and Calhoun

The Story of Abraham Lincoln

Grant and Lee

Some Women of History

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A Short History of the United States by Edward Channing



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Internet Archive Page

Online text

Run time: 8:22

Chapter 1

Chapters 2-3

Chapters 4-5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapters 8-9

Chapter 10

Chapters 11-13

Chapters 14-15

Chapters 16-17

Chapters 18-19

Chapters 20-21

Chapters 22-23

Chapters 24-25

Chapters 26-27

Chapters 28-29

Chapters 30-31

Chapters 32-33

Chapters 34-35

Chapters 36-37

Chapter 38

Chapters 39-40

Chapters 41-42

Chapters 43-44

Chapter 45

Appendix: The Constitution of the US

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The Story of Abraham Lincoln by Mary Agnes Hamilton


Summary:?In this biography for young adults, Mary A. Hamilton gives a British person?s perspective on the 16th President of the United States. A glowing tribute to ?Honest Abe?, the author traces Lincoln?s ancestral roots and recounts his birth in Kentucky, his youth in Indiana, his adult life in Illinois and his years in the White House. She also provides a good background on the causes and course of the American Civil War.?

Hamilton is not always historically precise. For example, she erroneously names Jefferson Davis as the Southern Democratic candidate for president running against Lincoln and Douglas in 1860 rather than John C. Breckinridge. However, overall ?The Story of Abraham Lincoln? is a good summarization and interesting account of the life, values and politics of Lincoln.?

Cautions: Chapter 7 contains a single use of an epithet for African-Americans in a quotation from a British magazine. Chapter 8 ends with an example of a stereotypical Southern black dialect which many may find offensive. (Summary by John Lieder for Librivox.)

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Online text

Run time: 2:37


The Young Backwoodsman


Lincoln the Lawyer

Defeat of the Little Giant

The New President and Secession

The War


“Oh Captain! My Captain”

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The Story of Young Abraham Lincoln by Wayne Whipple


Summary:?This is a careful and fascinating collection of interviews with people who knew Lincoln as a boy and young man. A glimpse into the type of person he was from the very beginning. “All the world loves a lover”?and Abraham Lincoln loved everybody. With all his brain and brawn, his real greatness was in his heart. He has been called “the Great-Heart of the White House,” and there is little doubt that more people have heard about him than there are who have read of the original “Great-Heart” in “The Pilgrim’s Progress.” Indeed, it is safe to say that more millions in the modern world are acquainted with the story of the rise of Abraham Lincoln from a poorly built log cabin to the highest place among “the seats of the mighty,” than are familiar with the Bible story of Joseph who arose and stood next to the throne of the Pharaohs.A new story is told by a dear old lady, who did not wish her name given, about herself when she was a little girl, when a “drove of lawyers riding the old Eighth Judicial District of Illinois,” came to drink from a famous cold spring on her father’s premises. She described the uncouth dress of a tall young man, asking her father who he was, and he replied with a laugh, “Oh, that’s Abe Lincoln.” One day in their rounds, as the lawyers came through the front gate, a certain judge, whose name the narrator refused to divulge, knocked down with his cane her pet doll, which was leaning against the fence. The little girl cried over this contemptuous treatment of her “child.” Young Lawyer Lincoln, seeing it all, sprang in and quickly picked up the fallen doll. Brushing off the dust with his great awkward hand he said, soothingly, to the wounded little mother-heart: “There now, little Black Eyes, don’t cry. Your baby’s alive. See, she isn’t hurt a bit!” That tall young man never looked uncouth to her after that. It was this same old lady who told the writer that Lawyer Lincoln wore a new suit of clothes for the first time on the very day that he performed the oft-described feat of rescuing a helpless hog from a great deep hole in the road, and plastered his new clothes with mud to the great merriment of his legal friends. This well-known incident occurred not far from her father’s place near Paris, Illinois.These and many other real remembrances have been collected here in this book for your edification. ( The introduction and Phil Chenevert for Librivox)

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Internet Archive Page

Online text

Run time: 5 hours


Abraham Lincoln’s Forefathers

Abraham Lincoln’s Father and Mother

The Boy Lincoln’s Best Teacher

Learning to Work

Losing His Mother

School Days Now and Then

Abe and the Neighbors

Moving to Illinois

Starting Out for Himself

Clerking and Working

Politics, War, Storekeeping, and Studying Law

Buying and Keeping a Store

The Young Legislator in Love.

Moving to Springfield

Lincoln & Herndon

His Kindness of Heart

What Made the Difference Between Abraham Lincoln and His Stepbrother

How Emancipation Came to Pass

The Glory of Gettysburg

“No End of a Boy”

Lieutenant Tad Lincoln, Patriot

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Just David by Eleanor Porter

Arvid Aae, Knabe im Matrosenanzug, public domain

Summary: David and his father set out from their idyllic mountain home to go to meet family, but enroute, David’s father, who is sick dies, and David is left stranded in a little farming town. No one can read his father’s handwriting on the notes he’s left for David or his signature, and David doesn’t know his last name. A stern farmer and his wife take David in, and learn more from him than they realize! David, who counts only the sunny hours of his life, soon touches all the people’s lives he meets in his new life with his beautiful violin music and sunny disposition. (Summary by Mary Anderson for Librivox)

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Total running time: 6 hours, 50 minutes

01 – The Mountain Home

02 – The Trail

03 – The Valley

04 – Two Letters

05 – Discords

06 – Nuisances Necessary and Otherwise

07 – You’re Wanted, You’re Wanted!

08 – Do’s and Don’ts

09 – Joe

10 – The Lady of the Roses

11 – Jack and Jill

12 – Answers That Did Not Answer

13 – A Surprise for Mr. Jack

14 – The Tower Window

15 – Secrets

16 – David’s Castle in Spain

17 – The Princess and the Pauper

18 – David to the Resuce

19 – The Unbeautiful World

20 – The Unfamiliar Way

21 – Heavy Hearts

22 – As Perry Saw It

23 – Puzzles

24 – A Story Remodeled

25 – The Beautiful World

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The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


Imagine a strange, tropical place that is almost inaccessible. Time appears to have stood still there. Species of animal and plant life not seen elsewhere on Earth, except in the fossil record, inhabit the place. The lakes heave with the shapes of huge grey bulks moving under the surface. The woods are places where chittering cries move about above your head, as powerful apes move swiftly in the canopy of leaves. Then, a tree splinters nearby, and a dinosaur steps out from his hiding place… and he’s eyeing YOU.

Jurassic Park? Not quite. The Lost World was an inspiration for Jurassic Park; in fact, a character in J.P. has the same name as one of the chief characters in The Lost World. It also inspired King Kong. But this is the original! Four adventurers go off to find the place shown in a dead man’s sketch book – they find a war between apes and Indians, prowling dinosaurs, a sparkly treasure hidden in the blue clay – they find the Lost World. And because of the treachery of a native guide, their means of escape is destroyed! (courtesy of Librivox)


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Running time: 8 hours, 23 minutes

1: There are Heroisms All Round Us

2: Try Your Luck with Professor Challenger

3: He is a Perfectly Impossible Person

4: It’s Just the Biggest Thing in the World

5: Question!

6: The Flail of the Lord

7: Tomorrow we Disappear into the Unknown

8: The Outlying Pickets of the New World

9: Who Could Have Foreseen It?

10: The Most Wonderful Things Have  Happened!

11: For Once I Was the Hero

12: It Was Dreadful in the Forest

13: A Sight Which I Shall Never Forget

14: Those Were the Real Conquests

15: Our Eyes have seen Great Wonders

16: A Procession! A Procession!

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King of the Golden River by John Ruskin

Summary: When three brothers mortally offend Mr. Southwest Wind, Esquire, their farm is laid waste and their riches lost. Desperate for money, the brothers become goldsmiths and melt down their remaining treasures . . . only to find that the spirit of the King of the Golden River resides with a molded tankard, and knows the secret of the riches of the Golden River. (Introduction by Xenutia for Librivox)

Read this book online or on a Kindle

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Internet Archive Page

Running time: 1 hour, 15 minutes


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5


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Sergeant Preston of the Yukon 2

This is the continuing saga of Sergeant Preston of the Yukon. ?Click here to listen to earlier episodes.

Belated Revenge

Return to the Crime

King Spots Murder

Self Defense or Murder

By Hook or by Crook

The Eleventh Hour

Murder in ABCs

Bob Hite Announces Audition

No Escape for a Murderer

Revenge in the Yukon

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Sergeant Preston of the Yukon

Meeting the Terms of the Contract

Till a Man’s Proved Dead

A Swindler Swindled

A Footprint in Leather

Caught by a Button

The Last Days of a Freight Line

A Swill O Gunpowder

King’s Ransom

Murder on Train Time

A Previewed Confession

Attempted Manslaughter

Lantern Rock

The Ring on His Finger

The Tell-Tale Bullet

A Date to Remember


Click here for more episodes from Sergeant Preston of the Yukon.

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Fanny Crosby movie

Summary: Blessed Assurance, To God be the Glory, Praise H, Praise Him the list extends into thousands, songs from the heart of the blind poetess Fanny Crosby.In this Feature length motion picture the life and testimony of Fanny Crosby unfold from her days as a teacher at the New York Institute for the Blind until she becomes the most influential woman in evangelical history. You may have sung her songs a thousand times. Running Time 87 minutes. A Ken Anderson Films Presentation. Copyright Approved.

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Eight Cousins by Louisa May Alcott

Summary:  This is the story of Rose, a rich but lonely and sickly girl who has been recently orphaned and sent to live with her maiden aunts. When Rose’s guardian, Uncle Alec, returns from abroad he takes over her care. Through his unorthodox theories about child-rearing and her exposure to the exploits of her seven male cousins and numerous aunts, Rose becomes happier and healthier, cured of many of her fears and prejudices. She also makes friends with Phebe, her aunts’ maid of her own age, whose cheerful attitude in the face of poverty helps to illustrate to Rose her own good fortune. (Wikipedia)


Read this book online or follow along on your Kindle

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Total running time: 7 hours, 16 minutes

00 – Preface

01 – Two Girls

02 – The Clan

03 – Uncles

04 – Aunts

05 – A Belt And A Box

06 – Uncle Alec’s Room

07 – A Trip To China

08 – And What Came Of It

09 – Phebe’s Secret

10 – Rose’s Sacrifice

11 – Poor Mac

12 – The Other Fellows

13 – Cosey Corner

14 – A Happy Birthday

15 – Ear-Rings

16 – Bread And Button-Holes

17 – Good Bargains


18 – Fashion And Physiology

19 – Brother Bones

20 – Under The Mistletoe

21 – A Scare

22 – Something To Do

23 – Peace-Making

24 – Which?

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Hudson Taylor video

We recommend viewing videos on My Audio School or in full screen mode. Parents, please supervise children on You Tube and other video sharing sites.

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