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Simon Bolivar

Bolivar the Liberator: Cavalcade of America

Posted 7 years, 6 months ago.

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Lewis and Clark Radio Theater

Lewis and Clark portraits

Lewis and Clark on the General Mills Radio Adventure theater

The American Trail: The Lewis and Clark Expedition

Click here to see downloadable curriculum resources from CurrClick which could be used with a study of Lewis and Clark. This link will take you away from My Audio School.

Posted 9 years, 6 months ago.

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The Fall of the Alamo

This episode is from the old time radio program Frontier Fighters.
The Fall of the Alamo

Click here for more episodes of Frontier Fighters.

Posted 9 years, 7 months ago.

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Journal of Lewis and Clark (1840) by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark

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Total running time: 8 hours, 52 minutes

Summary: “The expedition of Messrs. Lewis and Clarke, for exploring the river Missouri, and the best communication from that to the Pacific Ocean, has had all the success which could be expected. They have traced the Missouri nearly to its source; descended the Columbia to the Pacific Ocean, ascertained with accuracy the Geography, of that interesting communication across the continent; learned the character of the country, its commerce and inhabitants; and it is but justice to say that Messrs. Lewis and Clarke, and their brave companions, have, by this arduous service, deserved well of their country.” This volume is the 1840 edition with woodcut images and an Indian vocabulary. They may be viewed by clicking on the text URL. (Summary in quotes by President Thomas Jefferson)

To hear this book, click play in the box below or click on the chapter links.

01 Jefferson’s Message

02 Preface

03 Chapter I

04 Chapter II

05 Chapter III

06 Chapter IV

07 Chapter V

08 Chapter VI

09 Chapter VII

10 Chapter VIII

11 Chapter IX

12 Chapter X

13 Chapter XI

14 Chapter XII

15 Chapter XIII

16 Chapter XIV

17 Chapter XV

18 Chapter XVI

19 Chapter XVII

20 Chapter XVIII

21 Chapter XIX

22 Chapter XX

23 Chapter XXI Part 1

24 Chapter XXI Part 2

25 Chapter XXI Part 3

26 Chapter XXI Part 4

27 Dictionary of Indian

28 Appendix

Posted 9 years, 7 months ago.

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The Young Railroaders by Francis Lovell Coombs

The 945 Accommodation by Edward Lamson Henry, public domain image

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Running time: 8 hours, 21 minutes

Railroad, Grosstadtbahnhof by Hans Baluschek, public domain image

Summary from Librivox: While aimed at youths, this series of tales of the just-opening West makes a rollicking good story for adults, too. Three teen-age boys, trained as telegraphers, manage to get themselves in and out of a wide variety of harrowing circumstances. Using their knowledge of Morse code, the science of telegraphs, and the operation of railroads, the boys stir in native resourcefulness, quick-thinking, and when the occasion demands it, raw courage to effect rescues, thwart thieves, and solve mysteries. If Tom Swift had lived in the nineteenth century, he could not have had more exciting escapades! (Summary by Mark F. Smith for Librivox)

Telegraph Boy

01 One Kind of Wireless  00:26:20

02  An Original Emergency Battery  00:15:19

03 A Tinker Who Made Good  00:24:05

04  The Other Tinker Also Makes Good  00:15:40

05  The Electrical Detective  00:21:25

06  Jack Has His Adventure  00:17:53

Bonfire flames, image released to public domain by its author

07  A Race Through the Flames 00:16:15

08  The Secret Telegram 00:16:31

09 Jack Plays Reporter, With Unexpected Results 00:21:15

The Railway Bridge at Argenteuil by Claud Monet, public domain image

10  A Runaway Train  00:16:21

11 The Haunted Station  00:22:57

12  In a Bad Fix, And Out  00:21:58

13a  Part 1, Professor Click, Mind-Reader  00:20:46

13b Part 2, Professor Click, Mind-Reader  00:23:26

Old Greenport Station (Caboose and Plow), image released to public domain by its author

14  The Last of the Freight Thieves  00:25:16

15  The Dude Operator 00:24:34

16 A Dramatic Flagging  00:19:44

17  Wilson Again Distinguishes Himself  00:25:16

18 With the Construction Train  00:22:57

19  The Enemy’s Hand Again, and a Capture 00:21:59

20 Prisoner  00:18:45

21  Turning the Tables 00:31:57

22  The Defence of the Viaduct  00:29:57

Posted 10 years, 11 months ago.

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