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Helping Dyslexics Help Themselves

We have six children, and as of this writing we just completed our 13th year of homeschooling, which recently culminated in the graduation of our oldest son. When one of our younger sons was diagnosed with dyslexia, I began researching learning methods which would allow him to work independently while still getting core content at or above grade level.

I have long realized the benefits children gain by listening to books read aloud. They are quite capable of understanding books which they are not yet able to read independently. Whether nestled together on the couch while a parent reads or listening to an exciting book on tape, children enjoy being read to.

We have always made use of audio books and read-aloud time in our homeschool.  But with my son’s diagnosis I realized that audio books were no longer a luxury for us, but a necessity. As he grew older, his books got longer and more challenging. I didn’t have time to read to him for several hours a day, yet it took him way too long to read his own grade-level work.

Dyslexic children are often compelled to work below grade-level in core content areas such as history and science, simply because they are unable to read a grade-level text independently. Yet most dyslexics are quite capable of working above grade level if the visual reading component is removed.

My son is no exception. When tested he was one grade level behind in reading, but 7 grade levels ahead in his comprehension. Should he have to work out of simplified texts when he is capable of so much more? I wanted to find a way for him to study in a language-rich environment, yet to also give him the independence and ownership over his education that should naturally come with age.

A learning disability can keep an intelligent child from working up to his or her potential unless the child can learn ways to self-accommodate. It is both frustrating and boring for these children to be forced to learn only what they, themselves, can read independently. Equally aggravating is waiting around for a parent or teacher to help them when they simply want to get on with the task at hand.

Excellent audio content in a child-friendly format allows a child with print disabilities to take control over his own educational destiny. All of a sudden, the child is on an even playing field with his peers, and he can access the same challenging content present in a language-rich education.

My Audio School is great for all children, but it was designed with the dyslexic child in mind. Each book is broken down chapter by chapter, allowing children to complete individual assignments all on their own. In creating My Audio School, I wanted to provide a safe and attractive site where my own dyslexic child can “read” the material he needs to learn for school.

My Audio School has given him a sense of empowerment, as he can now take responsibility for completing grade-level reading assignments independently for the first time ever. He can listen to individual chapters to complete a given day’s assignment, or books can be burned to CD or downloaded to Mp3 for learning on-the-go.

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  1. Bonnie Jul 15th 2009

    We will be using TOG year 2 next year. Do you have any Rhetoric Literature books on audio school? What about any of the history for the Dialetic or Rhetoric levels? My daughter is 16 and this will be her first year to do Rhetoric but because of the higher level reading we might have to continue to do Dialetic. I hope your audio school will help us.

  2. myaudioschool Jul 16th 2009

    Hi Bonnie,
    Tapestry of Grace’s reading list is copyrighted and protected, as is ours, so this is not really a question I can answer. I have tried to choose topics and books that will appeal to a classical educator and which cover the span of history.

    We have been adding to our high school reading list extensively, and there is now a good and ever-growing selection of high school materials on our site.

  3. Oh Molly, words are inadequate for how much I appreciate you putting this website together. What you say on this page about dyslexics and self-accommodation brings tears to my eyes. THANK you from the bottom of my heart and from my little boy who can’t quite read at “grade level,” but can understand so much more.
    You website is going to bless our family tremendously in the coming years. ~much love, Guinever

  4. Molly, I love your site, it is an answer to prayer for my 13 yo. son, who has comprehension at the 18th grade level but reads at about the 5th grade level.
    I am definitely subscribing and your modest $15 is very affordable, thank you!
    I am looking at the Superpowers page- is there more content at that level for subscribers?

    Blessings, Sarah

  5. I just found your site this morning and I’m simply thrilled! What a blessing! We will be using it this year for many of the reasons you mentioned.
    Thank you so much!

  6. DeeDee Aug 1st 2009

    As so many have said, this website brought tears to my eyes when my friend led me here. Finally, my son and daughter can keep up with the other kids in our family who don’t have a reading disability and I won’t feel guilty for not having the time to read everything aloud to them! The books you’ve chosen are priceless and so rich. I also am a TOG user as well as a Charlotte Mason fan, and I find the books you provide more than meet our needs!!! Thank you a million times — may God continue to bless you for this work.

  7. My 12 year old was diagnosed dyslexic at 9, he didn’t start to read until 8 but he’s very intelligent! He loves science and will read but does not enjoy reading. We have used several audio sites but I was recently told about this site and know he will love it, all of my kids will love it! This will be a great supplement to our history studies. Thank you for your effort to bless others!

  8. Beth Walker Jul 9th 2010

    From another Tapestry of Grace user, I am thrilled to be able to use this site for my dyslexic daughter. $15 a year is a great price for all you provide. I have been reading aloud 2-3 hours a day to help her keep up with her grade level work but she is one of four children and I need time to work with the others. This is an answer to much prayer! I think our whole family will enjoy listening to audio books on road trips and while we workout at the gym as well. What a blessing!

  9. Susan Sims Mar 23rd 2012

    One of my sons is dyslexic due to my husband is dsylexic also and we have read alot about the signs. I want to make sure we are not missing somehting by having him diagnosed as everyone mentions but where and with who is this done. Can you point me in the right direction to have him tested? Thank you in advance for any help anyone can be.

  10. myaudioschool Apr 2nd 2012

    There is a lot of information about helping struggling learners on the HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) website. They have a whole section devoted to Testing and Consultants for Struggling Learners.

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