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Will my subscription expire? A subscription to My Audio School costs $14.99 for one year.  At the end of that year, your subscription will automatically renew through Paypal.  They will charge you $14.99 on the anniversary date of your subscription, and your access will continue uninterrupted for another year.   If the renewal date sneaks up on you and you are charged (but prefer to cancel your subscription with us) we will be glad to issue you a refund if you cancel within one week of Paypal’s automated charge.

I am being prompted to download every chapter, and can’t get any links to stream. Help!

My Audio School is designed to enable kids to sit down and begin streaming content at the click of a mouse. If you are unable to stream the content, you don’t have the right software downloaded to your computer. A few minutes spent getting Quicktime, Firefox or Internet Explorer, and Adobe Flash will optimize your experience on My Audio School, and allow your children to use it quickly and easily. For details about the free downloads you’ll need, please see our Technical Support page.

I’ve found a broken link, what should I do?

There are thousands of links on My Audio School, and occasionally you might find one that is broken. If you find a broken link, please contact us right away at so that we can get it fixed. We are dependent on third party sources for our links, and may not be able to repair the links if the problem is on their end, but we will make every effort to keep all our links working.

The book I want to hear says “File not found”. What should I do?
Some of the sites we depend on move their files from time to time. If you come across this, please let us know so that we can fix it! We will make every effort to repair links for moved files in a timely fashion. In the meantime, if files have been moved, try clicking on the “download to Mp3” link. That link usually stays the same, even if the book has moved, allowing you to still access the book while we rebuild the links.

How can I find out what titles I will get when I subscribe?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a list of our content which we can provide to you. We have spent hundreds of hours finding content available in the public domain, and compiling it a user-friendly fashion.

Because our content is available in the public domain, we put ourselves at risk by publishing our content list to non-subscribers. Part of what we are offering on My Audio School is the time savings to you of not having to search for this content.

We have tried to provide a sampling of the kinds of items we are offering, the categories we have used, and the format our materials are in through the free content on My Audio School. There is also a page in the sidebar with a linked list of our unblocked titles, which we encourage you to use to your heart’s content. See how My Audio School works and if it is something you feel is a benefit to you and your family. We hope you’ll feel that My Audio School is easily worth the modest subscription price.

Can you recommend any Mp3 players?

We usually buy very inexpensive Mp3 players. Price is a major factor for our family, since several of our children are young. That way if they lose or break the player it isn’t such a big deal. We have gotten very good deals on the SanDisk, Sansa Clip, and the Philips Go Gear Vibe, especially after Thanksgiving during black Friday sales. These players aren’t high end and don’t last as long as a more expensive player might, but for our purposes (young children) they have worked out fine.  My teenager wants a nicer Mp3 player for his birthday, but we haven’t researched it enough yet to know what kind will be best for him. Maybe others will leave a comment with recommendations?!

Once I register, can you send me a list of all the books on My Audio School that go with my favorite homeschooling curriculum?

It is our desire to publish linked lists of which books can be used with particular curricula, but we can only do this as we receive permission from the curriculum authors.  Many homeschool curriculum booklists are copyright protected, and we are not able to list their book titles. We will add this feature as we are able, but only for those curricula from whom we can obtain the appropriate permissions.

Have you previewed all the content on My Audio School?

No, we have not.  With over 650 resources, we have not had time to preview every selection on My Audio School.  Many titles are classics, and others reflect topics typically studied in a classical education.  As with any reading list, the parent or educator is responsible for previewing material and determining its suitability for their student.  Should you ever find any objectionable content on My Audio School, please let us know so that we can rectify it. We recommend particular caution with materials on the High School reading list. These books are commonly recommended for the classical High School student, but may contain material which some parents will find objectionable.  Please also exercise caution with You Tube videos.  We recommend viewing the You Tube videos on My Audio School (small screen or large screen format will both work fine) rather than clicking “view on You Tube”, so that you can avoid viewing comments or links to other You Tube videos.

My siblings and I are grown and live in different households. Can we share a Family Membership?
Our terms of service state that a Family membership is meant for people living in the same household. Grown siblings living in different households need to purchase individual/family memberships for each household. When purchasing a subscription to My Audio School, you agree to abide by our terms and conditions, which include protecting your user name and password.

We are a homeschooling family. Do we qualify for a Family membership, or do we need to purchase multiple memberships, like a school would do?

My Audio School caters to homeschooling families. We are homeschoolers, too! Our Individual/Family rate is meant for any family, including homeschooling families. Our volume discount school pricing is intended for public and private schools or co-ops which need to purchase 15 or more individual student subscriptions.

Can I share links to My Audio School content?

You are welcome to share links to any of the unblocked content in our site, but our blocked content list is protected.

8 Replies

  1. Are the files I download able to be used on iTunes/iPods?

  2. myaudioschool Jan 21st 2010

    You can download the full-length books. We are currently going through all the book titles on the site and adding direct links to Subscribe in iTunes for your convenience. This is a time-consuming process but we are over half way done and expect to finish soon. For any books that say “subscribe in iTunes”, just click the link and follow the prompts on your computer.

    If you find a book that does not have a direct link for iTunes yet, just click the link that says “Download to Mp3”. That will take you to the book’s internet archive page where you can download it to your computer and then to your iPod.

    The old time radio broadcasts can be downloaded to your computer using the right click button and “save as”; from there, you can upload to an Mp3 player.

  3. Dianne Apr 25th 2012

    Hi! I am contemplating membership, but wonder, are the titles available or will they work for a kindle?

  4. Dianne Apr 25th 2012

    I thought I’d stop by and let you know that with a certain amount of brain strain, distraction, and multitasking (LOL) I did manage to upload mp3’s from your site to my kindle fire. I am using their cloud storage as well as their downloaded mp3 conversion program entitled Amazon MP3 Uploader, which exists on my main computer. I simply launch that program and browse to the audio folder, select the mp3 files I wish to have available on my kindle and select upload. I believe I have several gbs of free storage. 🙂

  5. myaudioschool Apr 25th 2012

    Thanks for letting us know how you are using My Audio School with your Kindle Fire! That is very helpful information and I really appreciate you taking the time to comment.

    We have started putting Kindle links onto all the new books we add to the site, and we plan on going through all the older content this summer to add Kindle links to those, as well.

  6. I am wondering if it would be possible for you to include a status bar in the files so the listeners have some idea of how big the file is or how long it will take to play through to the end.
    Thanks! Loving your site!!

  7. myaudioschool Jul 30th 2012

    We have tried to indicate the “total running time” for the majority of the full length books. This information is located near the top of each post, before the preface or first chapter. We have also included links to the “internet archive page” for each book; if you click that link, it will take you to a page that shows the size of each book (near the bottom of the page). The internet archive page also has a player widget that usually shows the length of each chapter and the file size for each individual chapter. We have not done this for the radio theater files, though, as that information isn’t always readily available. I hope this helps!

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