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Educational resources for busy parents

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If you have technical support issues with your user name and password, or other issues requiring assistance, please contact us at support@myaudioschool.com .

We will make every effort to get back to you within 24 hours.

13 Replies

  1. Monique Stam Aug 17th 2009

    Hi Molly!
    I wonder if as folks listen, they could note the time for the books or chapters. That would be helpful for me!
    Maybe it’d be too much work

  2. Florence Mayes Dec 16th 2009

    Hi from Patriarch’s wives! We have a Mac with itunes. Can we use the itunes program to download the books as Mp3s and then burn them to CDs? I have been looking for audio books that I can play on my CD player while the girls and I sit and do handicrafts.

    Florence Mayes

  3. I was wondering if you have instructions on how to download these stories on to an mp3 player or CD. Thanks so much for all your work. I just LOVE this site!


  4. myaudioschool Jul 13th 2010

    There are instructions on the Frequently Asked Questions page, linked in the left sidebar.

  5. Peter Dec 4th 2011

    We are thinking of subscribing to your site, but we are having difficulty figuring out if it’s possible to both listen to the recordings and have the student see the printed version of the book as well. Could you let me know how to do this?

  6. myaudioschool Dec 5th 2011

    Yes, you can both listen and read at the same time. You just need to open two windows…start the audio playing in the first window, and then open the second window to read along. The audio will continue playing. Audios can also be downloaded to an mp3 player or burned to Cd for more portability.

  7. This almost seems too good to be true. One flat fee per YEAR and we can listen to all the books on the site for no additional cost? Is the Sugar Creek Gang on your list?
    Thanks you

  8. myaudioschool Feb 29th 2012

    Yes, it is true. We want to be a blessing to others and we haven’t raised our price since we launched, although we have doubled the number of titles since that time. My Audio School is a fantastic bargain, some say the best on the web!

    No, we don’t have The Sugar Creek Gang, as we only carry public domain materials…The Sugar Creek Gang is still under copyright.

  9. Chris Mar 1st 2012

    Cool. THANKS! I plan to sign up after talking with my husband. Our oldest loves audio tracks.

  10. Jennifer Jul 18th 2012

    I want to subscribe to “My Audio School” but want to know that I will be able to get the read along school text books for this coming year for my son. I’m not sure if this is the site for it. He is entering the 5th grade and is dyslexic. I need to be able access his school books online with an audio component for each. Is this site going to be able to accomodate that request?


  11. myaudioschool Jul 30th 2012

    My Audio School is set up as a supplement, primarily for those using Classical and Charlotte Mason methods of teaching. Both of those methods rely on the use of classic books, written by a single author. Both methods also frequently teach history and science subjects through literature. Our books were chosen specifically because they are among the very best titles available for learning history, science and literature through classic resources. We have cross referenced our title list with many popular classical and Charlotte Mason homeschool curricula.

    Traditional schools typically rely on textbooks, written by multiple authors. Those books have generally NOT been recorded, and won’t normally be found in the public domain as the schools regularly update their reading lists with the newest textbooks (all My Audio School books are public domain, thus keeping costs for our service very low).

    If your son is in public school and needs audio recordings for text books, I would check out Learning Ally (formerly Reading for the Blind and Dyslexic). This service is somewhat expensive ($99 for a year subscription as of this writing), and you can only sign up for Reading Ally if your child has been professionally diagnosed with either a reading disorder like dyslexia or with a vision disorder that prevents them from reading traditional textbooks. It is my understanding that it has a lot of textbooks, as they have special permission to record books that cannot be found anywhere else, due to copyright issues.

  12. Jennifer Baker Aug 14th 2012

    Where is part 7 to This Country of Ours? Why is the book incomplete?

  13. myaudioschool Aug 14th 2012

    Hi Jennifer,
    We are not recording these books ourselves, but are linking to recordings that already exist. Part 7 has not been recorded, and I do not show that it is even in process of being recorded at this time, although we do continue to check for it so that we can add it if it is ever recorded. Part 6 was recorded in October 2010, which is almost 2 years ago now, so I find it unlikely that we could expect part 7 anytime soon. 🙁 We have linked to the text for this book, so unfortunately if you want to do the entire book, the last section would need to be read independently.

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