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selected poems by Walt Whitman

O Captain!  My Captain!


One’s Self I Sing


When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d


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Robert Burns poetry

Robert Bruce’s March to Bannockburn (text and audio reading)

Green Grow the Rashes

Green Grow the Rushes (modernized version, Celtic Woman)


Flow Gently Sweet Afton by Robert Burns (You Tube video, including lyrics)

To a Louse by Robert Burns (eText and You Tube video)

To a Mouse by Robert Burns (You Tube video with embedded text)


Auld Lang Syne (You tube video with embedded text)

My Love is like a Red, Red Rose (song and e-Text)

Editing Burns for the 21st century has updated audio renditions of several Burns poems


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The Story of the Greeks by H. A. Guerber


Summary: This book is a collection of stories and histories about the Ancient Greeks, including many of their famous myths! – (Summary by Ann Boulais for Librivox)

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Running time: 7:35


Early Inhabitants of Greece

The Deluge of Ogyges

The Found of Many Important Cities

Story of Deucalion

Story of Daedalus and Icaraus

The Adventures of Jason

Theseus visits the Labrinyth

The Terrible Prophecy

The Sphinx’s Riddle

Blindness and Death of Oedipus

The Taking of Thebes

The Childhood of Paris

The Muster of the Troops

The Sacrifice of Iphigenia

The Wrath of Achilles

The Death of Hector and Achilles

The Burning of Troy

Heroic Death of Codrus

The Blind Poet

The Rise of Sparta

The Spartan Training

The Brave Spartan Boy

Public Tables in Sparta

Laws of Lycurgus

The Messenian War

The Music of Tyrtaeus

Aristomenes’ Escape

The Olympic Games

Milo of Croton

The Jealous Athlete

The Girls’ Games

The Bloody Laws of Draco

The Laws of Solon

The First Plays

The Tyrant Pisistratus

The Tyrant’s Insult

Death of the Conspirators

Hippias Driven out of Athens

The Great King

Hippias Visits Darius

Destruction of the Persian Host

The Advance of the Second Host

The Battle of Marathon

Miltiades’ Disgrace

Aristides the Just

Two Noble Spartan Youths

The Great Army

Preparations for Defense

Leonidas at Themorplyae

Death of Leonidas

The Burning of Athens

The Battles of Salamis and Plataea

The Rebuilding of Athens

Death of Pausanias

Cimon improves Athens

The Earthquake

The Age of Pericles

The Teachings of Anaxagoras

Beginning of the Peloponnesian War

Death of Pericles

The Philosopher of Socrates

Socrates’ Favorite Pupil

Youth of Alcibiades

Greek Colonies in Italy

Alcibiades in Disgrace

Death of Alcibiades

The Overthrow of the Thirty Tyrants

Accusation of Socrates

Death of Socrates

The Defeat of Cyrus

The Retreat of the Ten Thousand

Agesilaus in Asia

A Strange Interview

The Peace of Antalcidas

The Theban Friends

Thebes Free Once More

The Battle of Leuctra

Death of Pelopidas

The Battle of Mantinea

The Tyrant of Syracuse

Story of Damon and Pythias

The Sword of Damocles

Dion and Dionysius

Civil War in Syracuse

Death of Dion

Philip of Macedon

Philip Begins His Conquests

The Orator Demosthenes

Philip Masters Greece

Birth of Alexander

The Steed Bucephalus

Alexander as King

Alexander and Diogenes

Alexander’s Brilliant Beginning

The Gordian Knot

Alexander’s Royal Captives

Alexander at Jerusalem

The African Desert

Death of Darius

Death of Porus

The Return to Babylon

Death of Alexander the Great

The Division of the Realm

Death of Demosthenes

The Last of the Athenians

The Colossus of Rhodes

The Battle of Ipsus

Demetrius and the Athenians

The Achaean League

Division in Sparta

Death of Agis

The War of the Two Leagues

The Last of the Greeks

Greece a Roman Province

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Under Drake’s Flag by G. A. Henty


Summary:?An exciting tale set on the high seas, in a period ruled by exploration, with the ever-present dangers of nature and the weather, together with pirates of the famed Spanish Main. – (Summary by Lynne Thompson for Librivox)

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Running Time:10:41

The Wreck On The Devon Coast

Friends And Foes

On The Spanish Main

An Unsuccessful Attack Part 1

An Unsuccessful Attack Part 2

Cast Ashore

In The Woods

An Attack In Force

The Forest Fastness


Southward Ho!

The Marvel Of Fire

Across A Continent

Through The Cordilleras

On The Pacific Coast

The Prison Of The Inquisition

The Rescue

The Golden Hind

San Francisco Bay

South Sea Idols

A Portuguese Settlement

Wholesale Conversion


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Wulf the Saxon by G. A. Henty


Summary: Wulf the Saxon is a classic George Henty tale of nobility, loyalty and courage set in 11th century Britain. It relates the adventures of Wulf, a young, but extremely capable Saxon Thane. Wulf with his friends and servitors devote their lives to the service of Harold Godwinson, both before and after he becomes king of England. They are directly involved in capturing castles, rescuing shipwreck survivors, foiling assassination attempts and entering the terrible battles at Stamford Bridge and Senlac field by Hastings. The background of the novel is set in the stormy period prior to the Norman conquest of Britain and the story centers around real people and events, even offering a historically correct and lucid insight to the intrigues surrounding the religious and political alliances which led to the events of 1066; an absolute turning point in England’s history. (courtesy of Librivox)

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Online text

Internet Archive Page

Running time: 12:12


A Quarrel

Country Life

At Court

A Storm


Release of The Earl

The Oath

Trouble With Wales

In the Welsh Valleys


The Secret Passage


Harold The King

Wulf’s Suspicions

A Meeting by The River

A Voyage North

An Attempt at Assassination

The Northern Invasion

Stamford Bridge

The Landing of The Foe


The Lord of Bramber

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With Clive in India by G. A. Henty



Summary:?With Clive in India gives a vivid picture of the wonderful events of the ten years, which at their commencement saw Madras in the hands of the French–Calcutta at the mercy of the Nabob of Bengal–and English influence apparently at the point of extinction in India–and which ended in the final triumph of the English, both in Bengal and Madras. There were yet great battles to be fought, great efforts to be made, before the vast Empire of India fell altogether into British hands; but these were but the sequel of the events described. (Summary by G. A. Henty).

Internet Archive Page

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Running time: 13:33


Leaving Home

The Young Writer

A Brush with Privateers

The Pirates of the Pacific


The Arrival of Clive

The Siege of Arcot

The Grand Assault

The Battle of Kavaripak

The Fall of Seringam

The Fall of Seringam

An Important Mission

A Murderous Attempt

An Attempt at Murder

The Siege of Ambur

The Pirates’ Hold

A Tiger Hunt

The Capture of Gheriah

The The “Black Hole” of Calcutta

A Daring Escape

The Rescue of the White Captive

The Battle Outside Calcutta



Mounted Infantry

Besieged in A Pagoda

The Siege Of Madras


The Defeat Of Lally

The Siege Of Pondicherry


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The Young Carthaginian by G. A. Henty


Summary:?Typically, Henty’s heroes are boys of pluck in troubled times, and this is no different. Detailed research is embellished with a vivid imagination, especially in this novel set in the Punic wars, about which knowledge is limited: “…certainly we had but a hazy idea as to the merits of the struggle and knew but little of its events, for the Latin and Greek authors, which serve as the ordinary textbooks in schools, do not treat of the Punic wars. That it was a struggle for empire at first, and latterly one for existence on the part of Carthage, that Hannibal was a great and skilful general, that he defeated the Romans at Trebia, Lake Trasimenus, and Cannae, and all but took Rome, and that the Romans behaved with bad faith and great cruelty at the capture of Carthage, represents, I think, pretty nearly the sum total of our knowledge. ” (from the preface)

Internet Archive Page

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A Camp In The Desert

A Night Attack


A Popular Rising

The Conspiracy

A Campaign In Spain

A Wolf Hunt

A Plot Frustrated

The Siege Of Saguntum


The Passage Of The Rhone

Among The Passes

The Battle Of The Trebia

The Battle Of Lake Trasimene

A Mountain Tribe

In The Dungeons Of Carthage

The Escape


In The Mines

The Sardinian Forest

The Gaulish Slave

The Lion

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Colonel Thorndyke’s Secret (aka The Brahmin’s Treasure) by G.A. Henty


Summary:?Intrigue, murder, highwaymen… A British soldier serving in India has stolen a diamond bracelet from a Hindu idol. The bracelet comes into the possession of Colonel Thorndyke, who is subsequently sent home to England, where he dies of wounds received and bequeaths the bracelet to his relatives, having told his brother about it, but not its location. Meanwhile, the theft has caused a stir in India, and the Hindu faithful regard it as their religious duty to reclaim the jewel at any cost. Also published under the title: “The Brahmin’s Treasure”. (Summary by Lynne Thompson). Note: This story takes place in 1783.

Internet Archive Page

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Running time: 13:43

Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter V

Chapter VI

Chapter VII

Chapter VIII

Chapter IX

Chapter X

Chapter XI

Chapter XII

Chapter XIII

Chapter XIV

Chapter XV

Chapter XVI

Chapter XVII

Chapter XVIII

Chapter XIX

Chapter XX

Chapter XXI

Chapter XXII

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The Curse of Carne’s Hold by G. A. Henty



Summary: When Ronald Mervyn from Devonshire is falsely accused of murder he emigrates to South Africa. He takes part in the Kaffir war and during this time he rescues a family from death. The family then return to England and try to establish Ronald’s innocence. (Summary by Michele Eaton for Librivox)

Internet Archive Page

Online text

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Running time: 11:26

How The Curse Began

Margaret Carne

Two Quarrels

A Terrible Discovery

The Inquest

Ruth Powlett

The Verdict


The Outbreak

A Successful Defence

A Successful Defence

In The Amatolas

The Rescue

Ronald Is Offered A Commision

A Parting

Searching For A Clue

Ruth Powlett Confesses

George Forester’s Death

The Fire At Carne’s Hold

Cleared At Last

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True Stories of Wonderful Deeds by anonymous


Summary:?These one page Stories of (mostly) Wonderful Deeds were written for Little Folk to teach them about famous incidents in their history. Bonnie Prince Charlie, Nelson and Hardy, Bruce and the Spider, David Livingston, Canute, Sir Philip Sydney, and Elizabeth and Raleigh are just some of the well known people and incidents covered in short stories. (Summary by Phil Chenevert for Librivox)

01 – The Royal Oak

02 – Bonnie Prince Charlie

03 – Nelson and Hardy

04 – Watt and the Kettle

05 – Queen Victoria and her Soldiers

06 – The Relief of Lucknow

07 – Grace Darling

08 – David Livingstone

09 – The Battle of Waterloo

10 – The Charge of the Light Brigade

11 – The Coronation of King Edward VII

12 – War

13 – A Boy’s Heroic Deeds

13 – A Boy’s Heroic Deeds

15 – A Brave Queen, Boadacea

16 – King Alfred and the Cakes

17 – Not Angles, but Angels

18 – Hereward the Wake

19 – Canute

20 – The Brave Men of Calais

21 – Wat Tyler

22 – Bruce and the Spider

23 – Richard and Blondel

24 – The White Ship

25 – Joan of Arc

26 – Afloat With A Tiger

27 – Queen Margaret and the Robbers

28 – William Caxton

29 – Sir Philip Sidney

30 – The “Revenge”

31 – The Pilgrim Fathers

32 – Guy Fawkes

33 – Cromwell and his Ironsides

34 – The Spanish Armada

35 – The Defence of Lathom House

36 – The Outlawed Archers

37 – Elizabeth and Raleigh

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A Yankee Girl at Fort Sumter by Alice Turner Curtis


Summary:?Sylvia Fulton is a ten-years-old girl from Boston who stayed in Charleston, South Carolina, before the opening of the civil war. She loves her new home, and her dear friends. However, political tensions are rising, and things start to change. Through these changes, Silvia gets to know the world better: from Estrella, her maid, she starts to understand what it is to be a slave, from her unjust teacher she learns that not all beautiful people are perfect, and from the messages she carries to Fort Sumter she learns what is the meaning of danger. However, this is a lovely book, written mostly for children.(Summary by Stav Nisser for Librivox).

00 – Introduction

01 – Sylvia

02 – A New Friend

03 – Sylvia in Trouble

04 – An Unexpected Journey

05 – Estralla and Elinor

06 – Sylvia at the Plantation

07 – Sylvia Sees a Ghost

08 – A Twilight Tea-Party

09 – Troublesome Words

10 – The Palmetto Flag

11 – Sylvia Carries a Message

12 – Estralla Helps

13 – A Happy Afternoon

14 – Mr. Robert Waite

15 – Where is Sylvia

16 – In Danger

17 – A Christmas Present

18 – Great News

19 – Sylvia Makes a Promise

20 – Two Little Darky Girls

21 – Fort Sumter is Fired Upon

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The Young Trailers: A Story of Early Kentucky by Joseph A. Altsheler


Summary:?This is the story of Henry Ware, a young boy living in the wilds of the Kentucky frontier of the 1700’s. The story follows Henry as he helps to establish a frontier outpost, is captured by an Indian tribe, and ultimately ensures the safety and security of a band of settlers against the warring Shawnee Indians. The Young Trailers is action packed and brings to life the adventures that awaited the early settlers as they traversed into the endless forests of the American frontier. (Summary by Adam E. Maroney for Librivox)

01 – Into the Unknown

02 – The First Great Exploit

03 – Lost in the Wilderness

04 – The Haunted Forest

05 – Afloat

06 – The Voice of the Woods

07 – The Giant Bones

08 – The Wild Turkey’s Gobble

09 – The Escape


10 – The Cave Dust

11 – The Forest Spell

12 – The Primitive Man

13 – The Call of Duty

14 – The Return

15 – The Siege

16 – A Girl’s Way

17 – The Battle In the Forest

18 – The Test

19 – An Errand and A Friend

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True Stories from History and Biography by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Boston Massacre by Revere, detail

Boston Massacre by Revere, detail

Summary:?In writing this ponderous tome, the author’s desire has been to describe the eminent characters and remarkable events of our annals, in such a form and style, that the YOUNG might make acquaintance with them of their own accord. For this purpose, while ostensibly relating the adventures of a Chair, he has endeavored to keep a distinct and unbroken thread of authentic history. The Chair is made to pass from one to another of those personages, of whom he thought it most desirable for the young reader to have vivid and familiar ideas, and whose lives and actions would best enable him to give picturesque sketches of the times. On its sturdy oaken legs, it trudges diligently from one scene to another, and seems always to thrust itself in the way, with most benign complacency, whenever a historical personage happens to be looking round for a seat. – Summary from Preface by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Internet Archive Page

Online text

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Running time: 11:39


Part 1, Chapter 1

Part 1, Chapter 2 The Lady Arbella

Part 1, Chapter 3 The Red Cross

Part 1, Chapter 4

Part 1, Chapter 5

Part 1, Chapter 6 The Pine-tree Shillings

Part 1, Chapter 7

Part 1, Chapter 8 The Indian Bible

Part 1, Chapter 9

Part 1, Chapter 10 The Sunken Treasure

Part 1, Chapter 11

Part 2 Chapter 1

Part 2, Chapter 2

Part 2, Chapter 3 The Old-fashioned School

Part 2, Chapter 4

Part 2, Chapter 5 The Rejected Blessing

Part 2, Chapter 6

Part 2, Chapter 7 The Provincial Muster

Part 2, Chapter 8 The Acadian Exiles

Part 2, Chapter 9

Part 2, Chapter 10

Part 3, Chapter 1

Part 3, Chapter 2

Part 3, Chapter 3 The Hutchinson Mob

Part 3, Chapter 4

Part 3, Chapter 5 The Boston Massacre

Part 3, Chapter 6

Part 3, Chapter 7

Part 3, Chapter 8

Part 3, Chapter 9 The Tory’s Farewell

Part 3, Chapter 10

Part 3, Chapter 11 Grandfather’s Dream

Biographical Stories, Chapter 1

Biographical Stories, Chapter 2 Benjamin West

Biographical Stories, Chapter 3 Sir Isaac Newton

Biographical Stories, Chapter 4 Samuel Johnson

Biographical Stories, Chapter 5 Samuel Johnson, continued

Biographical Stories, Chapter 6 Oliver Cromwell

Biographical Stories, Chapter 7 Benjamin Franklin

Biographical Stories, Chapter 8 Benjamin Franklin, continued

Biographical Stories, Chapter 9 Queen Christina

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The Child’s Book of American Biography by Mary Stoyell Stimpson


In every country there have been certain men and women whose busy lives have made the world better or wiser. The names of such are heard so often that every child should know a few facts about them. It is hoped the very short stories told here may make boys and girls eager to learn more about these famous people. (from the Forward of the text)

Whole book (zip file)Download

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Internet Archive Page

Online text

Run time: 4:43

01 – Forward and George Washington

02 – William Penn

03 – John Paul Jones

04 – John Singleton Copley

05 – Benjamin Franklin

06 – Louis Agassiz

07 – Dorothea Lynde Dix

08 – Ulysses Simpson Grant

09 – Clara Barton

10 – Abraham Lincoln

11 – Robert Edward Lee

12 – John James Audubon

13 – Robert Fulton

14 – George Peabody

15 – Daniel Webster

16 – Augustus St. Gaudens

17 – Henry David Thoreau

18 – Louisa May Alcott

19 – Samuel Finley Breese Morse

20 – William Hickling Prescott

21 – Phillips Brooks

22 – Samuel Clemens

23 – Joe Jefferson

24 – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

25 – James McNeill Whistler

26 – Ralph Waldo Emerson

27 – Jane Addams

28 – Luther Burbank

29 – Edward Alexander MacDowell

30 – Thomas Alva Edison


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Historic Adventures: Tales from American History by Rupert S. Holland


Whole book (zip file)Download

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Internet Archive Page

Online text

Run time: 7:04

01 – The Lost Children

02 – The Great Journey of Lewis and Clark, part 1

03 – The Great Journey of Lewis and Clark, part 2

04 – The Conspiracy of Aaron Burr

05 – How the Young Republic Fought the Barbary Pirates, part 1

06 – How the Young Republic Fought the Barbary Pirates, part 2

07 – The Fate of Lovejoy’s Printing-Press

08 – How Marcus Whitman Saved Oregon

09 – How the Mormons Came to Settle Utah

10 – The Golden Days of ‘Forty-Nine

11 – How the United States Made Friends with Japan

12 – The Pig that Almost Caused a War

13 – John Brown at Harper’s Ferry

14 – An Arctic Explorer

15 – The Story of Alaska

16 – How the “Merrimac” Was Sunk in Santiago Harbor

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Historic Boyhoods by Rupert S. Holland



Most boys grow up to be honest, maybe even good, men, but do not stand out from the crowd. Occasionally, along comes a boy who is destined, either by character or circumstance, to make his mark on the world. In this work are included 21 biographical sketches of boys who became famous in the arts, affairs of state or exploration and discovery. Historical fact is blended with surmise and imagination to bring these boyhoods alive. – Summary by Lynne Thompson for Librivox

Whole book (zip file)Download

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Internet Archive Page

Online text

Run time: 6:57

Christopher Columbus The Boy of Genoa: 1446(?)-1506

Michael Angelo The Boy of the Medici Gardens: 1475-1564

Walter Raleigh The Boy of Devon: 1552-1618

Peter the Great The Boy of the Kremlin: 1672-1725

Frederick the Great The Boy of Potsdam: 1712-1788

George Washington The Boy of the Old Dominion: 1732-1799

Daniel Boone The Boy of the Frontier: 1735-1820

John Paul Jones The Boy of the Atlantic: 1747-1792

Mozart The Boy of Salzburg: 1756-1791

Lafayette The Boy of Versailles: 1757-1834

Horatio Nelson The Boy of the Channel Fleet: 1758-1805

Robert Fulton The Boy of the Conestoga: 1765-1815

Andrew Jackson The Boy of the Carolinas: 1767-1845

Napoleon Bonaparte The Boy of Brienne: 1769-1821

Walter Scott The Boy of the Canongate: 1771-1832

James Fenimore Cooper The Boy of Otsego Hall: 1789-1851

John Ericsson The Boy of the G?ta Canal: 1803-1889

Garibaldi The Boy of the Mediterranean: 1807-1882

Abraham Lincoln The Boy of the American Wilderness: 1809-1865

Charles Dickens The Boy of the London Streets: 1812-1870

Otto von Bismarck The Boy of G?ttingen: 1815-1898

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Historic Girlhoods Volume I by Rupert S. Holland



Biographical sketches of ten girls who became famous before becoming women – some not even making it to womanhood. From Joan of Arc to Catherine d’Medici; from Catherine the Great to Pocahontas. These inspirational stories will be of interest to young people and show what determination and luck can achieve. – Summary by Lynne Thompson for Librivox

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Internet Archive Page

Online text

Run time: 3:45

St. Catherine The Girl of Siena: 1347-1380

Joan of Arc The Girl of Domremy: 1412-1431

Vittoria Colonna The Girl of Ischia: 1490-1547

Catherine de’ Medici The Girl of Medi?val Italy: 1519-1589

Lady Jane Grey The Girl of Tudor England: 1537-1554

Mary Queen of Scots The Girl of the French Court: 1542-1587

Pocahontas The Girl of the Virginia Woods: 1595-1617

Priscilla Alden The Girl of Plymouth: About 1604?after 1680

Catherine the Great The Girl of Stettin: 1729-1796

Fanny Burney The Girl of London: 1752-1840

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Florence Nightingale The Angel of the Crimea by Laura E. Richards


One evening, some time after the great Crimean War of 1854-55, a company of military and naval officers met at dinner in London. They were talking over the war, as soldiers and sailors love to do, and somebody said: “Who, of all the workers in the Crimea, will be longest remembered?” Each guest was asked to give his opinion on this point, and each one wrote a name on a slip of paper. There were many slips, but when they came to be examined there was only one name, for every single man had written “Florence Nightingale.” Every English boy and girl knows the beautiful story of Miss Nightingale’s life. Indeed, hers is perhaps the best-loved name in England since good Queen Victoria died. It will be a great pleasure to me to tell this story to our own boys and girls in this country; and it shall begin, as all proper stories do, at the beginning. – Summary by the author

Whole book (zip file)Download

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Internet Archive Page

Online text

Run time: 3:24

How Florence Got Her Name?Her Three Homes

Little Florence

The Squire’s Daughter

Looking Out

Waiting for the Call

The Trumpet Call

The Response


The Barrack Hospital

The Lady-in-Chief

The Lady with the Lamp


Miss Nightingale Under Fire

The Close of the War

The Tasks of Peace

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George Washington by Calista McCabe Courtenay


In this biography for young people, Calista McCabe Courtenay takes the reader from George Washington the surveyor to his early military career, first as a colonel in the Virgina militia and then as a member of General Braddock’a staff during the French and Indian War. He later commanded the Virginia forces before joining the First Continental Congress. Much of the book is devoted to his campaigns during the American Revolution. At the end, we see him as President for two terms. (Summary by Bill Boerst for Librivox)

Whole book (zip file)Download

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Internet Archive Page

Online text

Run time: 2:03

1 — Chapter 1

2 — Chapter 2

3 — Chapter 3

4 — Chapter 4

5 — Chapter 5

6 — Chapter 6

7 — Chapter 7

8 — Chapter 8

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History Plays for the Grammar Grades by Mary Ella Lyng



Whole book (zip file)Download

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Internet Archive Page

Online text

Run time: 1:32

Christopher Columbus

John Smith and Pocahantus

Sir Walter Raleigh

William Penn

Sir Francis Drake


George Washington and Other Heroes of the Revolution

George Rogers Clark

Andrew Jackson

John C. Fremont

Webster, Clay and Calhoun

The Story of Abraham Lincoln

Grant and Lee

Some Women of History

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