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Our Island Story Part 1 by H. E. Marshall

Cividale scorciodal Pontedeliavolo, photo released into the public domain by its author, Sebi1

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Part two of this book is also available. Click here to go to Our Island Story part 2.

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Jacques-Louis David,  Oath of the Horatii 1784

Our Island Story: Introduction

Chapter 1: The Stories of Albion and Brutus

Chapter 2: The Coming of the Romans

Chapter 3: The Romans Come Again

Caligula depositing the ashes of his mother and brother in the tomb of his ancestors

Chapter 4: How Caligula Conquered Britain

Chapter 5: The Story of a Warrior Queen

Chapter 6: The Last of the Romans

Chapter 7: The Story of St. Alban

OIS 1 Merlin reads his prophecies to King Vortigern by Cotton Claudius

Chapter 8: Vortigern and King Constans

Chapter 9: The Coming of Hengist and Horsa

Chapter 10: Hengist’s Treachery

OIS 1 Hengist of Kent by John Speed, 1611

Chapter 11: How the Giant’s Dance was Brought to Britain

Chapter 12: The Coming of Arthur

King Arthur Holy Grail Tapestry, The Arming and Departure of the Knights

Chapter 13: The Founding of the Round Table

Chapter 14: Gregory and the Pretty Children

Chapter 15: How King Alfred Learned to Read

Chapter 16: King Alfred in the Cowherd’s Cottage

Chapter 17: More About Alfred the Great

King Alfred (The Great)

Chapter 18: Ethelred the Unready

Chapter 19: How Edmund Ironside Fought for the Crown

Chapter 20: Canute and the Waves

Chapter 21: Edward the Confessor

Chapter 22: Harold

Chapter 23: The Battle of Stamford Bridge

Battle of Stamford bridge

Chapter 24: The Battle of Hastings

Chapter 25: William the Conqueror

Chapter 26: Death of the King

Chapter 27: William the Red

Chapter 28: The Story of the White Ship

Chapter 29: The Story of King Stephen

Chapter 30: Gilbert and Rohesia

Chapter 31: Thomas a Becket

Earliest known portrayal of Thomas Becket's murder in Canterbury Cathedral

Chapter 32: Conquest of Ireland

Chapter 33: Richard Coer de Lion

Chapter 34: How Blondel found the King

Chapter 35: Prince Arthur

John of England signs Magna Carta from Cassell's history of England

Chapter 36: The Great Charter

Chapter 37: Hubert de Burgh

Chapter 38: Simon de Montfort

Chapter 39: The Story of the Poisoned Dagger

Chapter 40: The Little War of Chalons

Chapter 41: The First Prince of Wales

The Trial of William Wallace at Westminster by Maclise

Chapter 42: The Hammer of the Scots

Chapter 43: Robert the Bruce and Bohun

Chapter 44: The Battle of Bannockburn

Chapter 45: The Battle of Sluys

Battle of Crecy

Chapter 46: The Battle of Crecy

Chapter 47: The Siege of Calais

The Siege of Calais

Chapter 48: The Battle of Poitiers

Chapter 49: Wat Tyler’s Rebellion

Death of Wat Tyler by Froissart

Chapter 50: How King Richard II Lost His Throne

Chapter 51: The Battle of Shrewsbury

Chapter 52: How Prince Hal was Sent to Prison

Chapter 53:  The Battle of Agincourt

Chapter 54: The Maid of Orleans


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